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Catox Will Make Games !

Sam's Game

A game for the little ones !

This is Sam's game, and my first "original" game made with GameMaker.

I wanted to make a little game for my 2 years old son and to give him an opportunity to press the keyboard keys and obtain visual and audible answers.

It's a nice occupation for a few minutes while momy is filling the bathtub.

Technically, this have nothing really interresting. Even Virus offers more gameplay than that, but that wasn't the goal.


Overtris R

A tetris, with a twist !

This is a remake of what seems to be a completely unknown game : Overtris.

I found this game in a computer magazine back around year 2000, and its specificity really impressed me at the time, for the originality of the idea, the impact on the gameplay and the feeling it procured, and the technical achievement it seemed to represent for a DOS PC game.

To this date, I never encountered the equivalent of it, except for First Person Tetris, which is yet very different.

So remaking it was both the only way I found to let people play this game, and a good way for me to learn gamemaker ^_^

So, it's a Tetris game, but with an unusual mechanic that I'd rather not describe here : I'd rather leave the surprise to the player, like I was really surprised when I discovered it myself.


Lazer R

This is a remake of Lazer, a 1997 freeware game that ran on good old DOS.

It's a puzzle game in wich you have to position and orientate blocs that will emit colored lazers. Managing to activate all blocs will switch the white one on and you'll access to next level.

This was released in a french PC magazine, and is extremely hard to find nowadays on internet. So I wanted to try to port it for windows with the double objective of sharing it, and learning GM:Studio.

Note : this is done with free edition of game maker.


Virus R

This is a remake of Virus, a 1984 game that ran on a french computer of the time.

It's a pretty basic kind of shooter where you have to get rid of viruses from the patient's body.

It was a good exercize to get started with GMS, getting a grasp on the program's concepts, playing with objects, solid VS non solid, random spawning, replacing eggs by new monsters, merge little ones into big ones, having them move around not too randomly, limiting fire rate, adding sounds and things like that.

I think I rushed a bit too much on transition room and I guess it feels quite off.

I guess the game itself might get boring a bit too fast too.